Caroline was the sole publicist for our first season of 2010, the Australian premiere of Harry Kondoleon's 'Self Torture and Strenuous Exercise'  Not only did we marvel at her extraordinary commitment to every endeavour, but also the superb results that were obtained time after time. Not only did Caroline meet, but she far exceeded any expectations we could have had of a publicity campaign. She is extremely gifted, accessible and wholly invested in her clients. It would be enough to commend her as a savy, unrelentingly innovative, indestructible public relations force, but, it is her personal investment in people and the delight that she derives from enabling their success, that sets her apart from fellow industry folk. Bringing Caroline on board is easily the greatest decision of our artistic career. We whole heartedly recommend her to any prospective clients.
Ben Pfeiffer, Artistic Director, The Artisan Collective


Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) was preparing to deliver a major exhibition involving the renowned and much-loved film director, Tim Burton, including an opening week of key stakeholder and media events involving the man himself. Adding to this, we were playing host to a group of curators from our collaborating institution, the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York, including arguably the leading art gallery director of today, Glenn D Lowry. With a hectic schedule of activities across the week including a media launch with 200 attending and a slate of one-on-one interviews with Tim, Glenn and others - we needed to bring someone on to assist the team. We were looking for someone who could be given the task of looking after important people, making sure we got we wanted from the many media engagements, and represent our organisation professionally. Caroline was a great choice and a terrific asset. She made an invaluable contribution to a very successful Burton opening week. We could not have achieved the spectacular results we did achieve without her.

Cory Parfett, Communications Manager, Australian Centre for the Moving Image
Caroline is a real go-getter who is well known in business media and has often been instrumental in facilitating media interviews for me and raising awareness of the projects I am involved in.
She is a professional and efficient operator and I've enjoyed working with her. She is tireless in pursuit of opportunities for her clients.
Tim Harcourt, Chief Economist, Austrade, author and broadcaster

Caroline brought an extra dimension to the publicity team at the Melbourne International Arts Festival in that she generated media exposure in areas we were keen to broaden such as TV news spots on Channel 9, Channel 10 and ABC TV and interview opportunities with Brett Sheehy, our artistic director, on breakfast radio programs such as Mix FM and Nova FM as well as on 3AW Drive. Caroline also pursued celebrity interest in attending events at the Festival and invited Melbourne celebrities and identities to some of our key events which then attracted social pages coverage.  Veteran radio broadcaster, Neil Mitchell, accepted our invitation to complete a Walk this Way tour as part of the Festival program and Caroline was instrumental in getting him on board and in future dealings with him. She was also fun to have in the office with her bubbly and friendly persona.
Vivia Hickman, (former) General Manager, Melbourne International Arts Festival 

Caroline is a tenacious and creative operator who understands the imperative a successful communications campaign will also align with the  marketing objectives for the business. She is well connected with contacts within the Australian media and is a savvy relationship builder with key stakeholders and influencers relevant to the campaign.  Her results driven approach achieves substantial media which helps to raise awareness of the initiative or issue and to drive numbers to events.
Kate Pembroke, Head of Corporate Affairs, Events NSW
Via Caroline's publicity results for my business, Park Lane Cafe, success was immediate. The day Park Lane Cafe featured in The Age Epicure our staff were run off their feet with new customers. Trade made a terrific jump and was bolstered further with a positive review in the Melbourne Weekly, Emerald Hill Port Phillip. We are a small cafe and its success up until the publicity was driven through word of mouth and regular attendance by the South Melbourne locals. Now, the buzz has reached a wider audience and Melburnian coffee lovers and foodies are enjoying the offerings at our quaint little space at 387 Clarendon Street, South Melbourne.
Harry Humphries,  Owner, Park Lane Cafe

      Kristina Brew/ The Artisan Collective/ Self Torture & Strenuous Exercise 


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